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to our website.
We invite you also to visit the Italian version of our web pages (click, please, the red link "Italiano" below the logo Fuji). You will find our past activities archives and photo galleries (the link named "ARCHIVIO" is in the navigation bar on the left side). We also host "Il Giappone in Italia" (Japan in Italy), a list of Italian events related to Japan.

FUJI Association is a free, cultural and no profit organization, regularly registered in Italy. The Association’s aim is to achieve deep cultural exchanges among nations and peoples, particularly between the Italian and the Japanese people.

The Association was instituted on February 3rd 2001. It welcomes everybody interested in the Association’s same objectives and sharing its ideals, while avoiding making any discrimination and/or distinction about nationality, gender, profession and political or religious beliefs.

It promotes both linguistic knowledge and the spread of any other cultural values related to the Italian and Japanese ‘universe’ and their relationships among Fuji associate members, educators, teachers, other operators and people in general.

Fuji proposal is identified by the wish to become a place where people can meet and find dialogue hints, in the name of some specific cultural interests: by doing so, both human and social development can spread all over the world, while allowing a better understanding among peoples.

» conferences and seminars;
» film and documentaries projections;
» concerts and shows;
» language, traditional arts and techniques for adults and youngsters;
» pubblication of informative material about its activities;
» travels, studies and cultural exchanges;
» meetings within members.

  For any further information about our Association and its activities, please mail to:

presidente (at) fujikai.it

Or write to:

Associazione culturale italo giapponese Fuji
Via Verrocchio, 154 – 25124 Brescia - Italy

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